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Facing the IRS alone can be daunting, especially when you’re up against audits, collections, or appeals. Many in Little Rock, AR, find themselves overwhelmed, not knowing how to reduce their liabilities or navigate the complex tax landscape. Gaither & Hollenberg, PLLC, a leading accounting company, offers the guidance and representation you need to address these concerns effectively.

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Expertise When You Need It Most

Our team, equipped with seasoned accounting consultants and bookkeeping consultants, stands ready to defend your interests. From assisting with IRA collections to advocating for you in audits and appeals, we ensure you don’t have to face the IRS alone. Our unique approach includes working closely with the taxpayer advocate office, aiming for collection modifications, and striving to significantly reduce the amount you owe through meticulous negotiations.


Residents in the area benefit from our in-depth understanding of local and federal tax regulations, making us the accounting firm of choice for those seeking peace of mind in IRS matters. Our expertise extends to crafting offers in compromise that resonate with the IRS, setting us apart as more than just an accounting company; we are your allies in financial disputes.

Let's Tackle Your IRS Concerns Together

Don’t let IRS issues loom over your life. Reach out to our accounting company at (501) 663-1440. Allow our bookkeeping firm to represent you, offering a pathway to resolving your tax dilemmas with the IRS. Our commitment is to your financial well-being and legal standing, ensuring personalized and effective solutions tailored to your situation in Little Rock, AR.

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